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FREE Personality Tests based on MBTI (16 Myers Briggs types)

These FREE tests will all have varying degrees of accuracy. They are not the official test but are based on the original test.

Therefore doing a few of them to see if you get the same result seems like a great way to use them.

1.  Free Podcast

We believe this podcast is probably more helpful than any personality test.  But you need a spare hour to listen.

2. TypeFinder Test 

3. NERIS Type Explorer® 

4. Personality Perfect Test

5. Jung Typology Test

Paid Personality Tests

1. The Only Official Myers Briggs Type Indicator Test

Click Here for the Test – Cost US$49.95+Tax

2. The TypeFinder Test

This test has been studied extensively to ensure it is valid and reliable for MBTI. Therefore the test provides much more detail than just the four letters of your type. (see example below)

Click Here for the Test – Free or Costs US$29 for the kind of report seen below.

An example result from the paid TypeFinder Test showing how much detail is provided.

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