Books for INTJ

INTJ Personality Type books pageWe have compiled a list of books that are specifically written about the INTJ personality. Also, books that are written about the INTJ female, books about careers for INTJs and books that INTJs might find useful.

The INTJ loves to learn and is probably the personality with the most interest in understanding personality types. That is why we did your list 1st

Happy learning!!


Books about the INTJ Personality

These books are useful for people who are INTJ and for those who want to understand them. You may want to be the best leader you can or help an INTJ colleague, business partner or employee with their leadership. We all have limitations that we can break free from if we know what they are. Matthew Brighthouse can help you discover the limitations that INTJs often have. There are books on achieving an awesome life by using your gifts and strengths. There are Books written by INTJs from their life experiences in the hope they may benefit other INTJs.  Enjoy learning about yourself and have a great life 🙂

The INTJ: Understanding the StrategistBuy NowINTJ Understood: Harness your Strengths and Thrive as the Unstoppable Mastermind INTJBuy NowHow to navigate the world as an INTJ: Mastering the INTJ mindBuy NowMaximizing Your Leadership Potential: Brain Style of the INTJ: For use with the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® & Striving Styles® Personality SystemBuy NowINTJ: Understand And Break Free From Your Own LimitationsBuy NowINTJ: Understanding & Relating with the Mastermind (MBTI Personality Types Books)Buy NowThe INTJ Woman - A Rare and Lovely LadyBuy NowThe True INTJ (The True Guides to the Personality Types)Buy NowThe Strategist: Your Guide to the INTJ Personality Type (Your Guide to the Personality Type)Buy Now7 short stories that INTJ will love (7 short stories for your Myers-Briggs type Book 11)Buy Now


INTJ Careers Books

We all want a great career or business that makes us wake up every day wanting to work. The more you understand yourself and your likes and dislikes the easier it is to achieve this. Knowing that you are an INTJ is one piece of the puzzle. Often you don’t know what a job entails until you are doing it. So if you spend 4 years studying something and then actually hate that occupation it can be a big bummer. By reading about the careers you are likely to love and hate you can make better decisions for a happier life.

The INTJ's Career Handbook: How to Find a Satisfying, Challenging Career that Makes the Most of Your INTJ StrengthsBuy NowINTJ: 21 Career Choices for an INTJBuy NowCareer Interviews for ISFP, ISFJ, ESFJ, ESTJ, INFJ, INTJ, INTP and ENTP TypesBuy NowMaximizing Your Career Potential: Brain Style of the INTJ: For use with the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® & Striving Styles® Personality SystemBuy NowWork Style of the INTJ: Based on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (Work Style Series)Buy Now


INTJ Female Books

The INTJ female is a rare bird. You can find it particularly difficult in this extroverted world. But the more you understand yourself and your unique gifts the easier life becomes. Knowing that you are an INTJ can be an awesome relief. Like a weight is lifted and you can just be yourself knowing that you are not alone.

The INTJ Female: How to Understand and Embrace Your Unique MBTI Personality as an INTJ WomanBuy NowThe Elusive Fashion Habits of the INTJ FemaleBuy Now


Books Useful for the INTJ Personality

We think that as an INTJ you should really enjoy these books as well.

Stop Overthinking: 23 Techniques to Relieve Stress, Stop Negative Spirals, Declutter Your Mind, and Focus on the Present (The Path to Calm)Buy NowMan's Search for MeaningBuy NowGood Inside: A Guide to Becoming the Parent You Want to BeBuy NowDon't Believe Everything You Think: Why Your Thinking Is The Beginning & End Of Suffering (Beyond Suffering)Buy NowQuiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop TalkingBuy NowRead People Like a Book: How to Analyze, Understand, and Predict People’s Emotions, Thoughts, Intentions, and Behaviors (How to be More Likable and Charismatic)Buy NowHow to Listen with Intention: The Foundation of True Connection, Communication, and Relationships (How to be More Likable and Charismatic)Buy NowThe Art of Witty Banter: Be Clever, Quick, & Magnetic (2nd Edition) (How to be More Likable and Charismatic)Buy NowDesigning the Mind: The Principles of PsychitectureBuy NowDark Psychology and Manipulation: Discover 40 Covert Emotional Manipulation Techniques, Mind Control & Brainwashing. Learn How to Analyze People, NLP ... Body Language Human Behavior, Gaslight)Buy Now


If you have read any books that you really loved and think that other INTJ”s would enjoy then please contact us and let us know which books you think an INTJ would love.

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