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ISTP Personality Types BooksThe ISTP personality likes to solve problems and tend to enjoy more hands-on type work and hobbies. They probably have little interest in reading about and understanding their personality type. So there are not as many books written about the ISTP as there are the other types. However many of the other types would like to understand the ISTP. So if you are ISTP give one of these books to a loved one. Or if you are another type trying to understand the ISTP then welcome.

The ISTP personality is known as the mechanic, virtuoso or craftsman and enjoy finding practical solutions to the problems around them.

Happy learning!!


Books about the ISTP Personality

If you want to understand the ISTP then these 5 books will help you do that.  They all talk about understanding the ISTP but from different angles. Maybe you want to be able to relate to the ISTP. Maybe you are an ISTP and want to break free from your limitations. Or maybe you have an ISTP employee and want to help them progress. One is a guide to the practitioner side of the ISTP and one is a portrait of the crafter side. Enjoy learning about the ISTP and have a great life 🙂

ISTP: Understanding & Relating with the Virtuoso (MBTI Personality Types Books)Buy NowMaximizing Your Employee Potential: Brain Style of the ISTP: For use with the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® & Striving Styles® Personality SystemBuy NowISTP: Understand And Break Free From Your Own LimitationsBuy NowISTP: 33 Secrets From The Life of an ISTPBuy NowYour Personality Diet for the ISTP: “The weight loss plan that can’t fail you!”Buy NowUnderstanding ISTP: (The Craftsman Personality) (16 Personalities)Buy Now7 short stories that ISTP will love (7 short stories for your Myers-Briggs type Book 16)Buy NowThe Practitioner: Your Guide to the ISTP Personality Type (Your Guide to the Personality Type)Buy NowTransport Phenomena In CombustionBuy NowA super introduction to ISTP: A guidebook for beginners with personality types who have analytical and realistic thinking and excellent skills in solving ... (Books for Beginners) (Japanese Edition)Buy Now


ISTP Careers Books

Do you love what you are doing every day? If so these books could help you to understand why and make sure that if you progress to new jobs in an organization, they will be aligned with you. If you don’t know what to do or hate what you are doing, these books can guide you in finding work that you will love. We often don’t know what a job really involves and so it’s very hard to know if you will like it or not. These books help you avoid work that you will probably dislike. No one wants to spend years at uni only to hate their chosen career so use this to align yourself with something you love.

ISTP: 21 Career Choices for an ISTPBuy NowMaximizing Your Career Potential: Brain Style of the ISTP: For use with the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® & Striving Styles® Personality SystemBuy NowWork Style of the ISTP: Based on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (Work Style Series)Buy Now


ISTP Personality Journals

ISTP Personality Type: A Journal for Goal-Oriented Introverts: Organize Your Thoughts and Unleash Your PotentialBuy NowThe ISTP Queen: A Personality Themed Notebook JournalBuy NowThe ISTP Journal: A Personal Journey Through The PsycheBuy NowI'm ISTP Doing ISTP Things: Personalized MBTI Journal for ISTP,Perfect Gift Idea For ISTP, Lined NotebookBuy NowI'm ISTP Doing ISTP Things: Personalized MBTI Journal for ISTP,Perfect Gift Idea For ISTP, Lined NotebookBuy NowThe Story of ISTP: Journal 2022 - 2023Buy NowISTP: Self Development and Personal Growth Hardback Journal: Myers Briggs Personality Type A5 Lined Hardback Journal with Personality DescriptionBuy NowISTP: MBTI Self Development and Personal Growth JournalBuy NowISTP Journal: MBTI Inspired (120 Page Empty Lined Notebook)Buy NowISTP Virtuoso: Blank Lined Notebook | MBTI Journal | DiaryBuy Now


Books Useful or entertaining for the ISTP Personality

As an ISTP you should really enjoy these books as well.

Designing the Mind: The Principles of PsychitectureBuy NowGifts Differing: Understanding Personality TypeBuy NowIstio in ActionBuy NowThe INTP: Personality, Careers, Relationships, & the Quest for Truth and MeaningBuy NowI'm Not Crazy, I'm Just Not You, 3rd Edition: Using personality insights to work and live effectively with othersBuy NowThe INTP Quest: INTPs' Search for Their Core Self, Purpose, & PhilosophyBuy NowWas That Really Me?: How Everyday Stress Brings Out Our Hidden PersonalityBuy NowIstio: Up and Running: Using a Service Mesh to Connect, Secure, Control, and ObserveBuy Now16 Kinds of Crazy: The Sixteen Personality TypesBuy NowThe Expert Test Manager: Guide to the ISTQB Expert Level CertificationBuy Now


If you have read any books that you really loved and think that other ISTPs would enjoy then please contact us so we can add them to the list

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