INTJ Careers, Jobs, Business Matches

EDUCATION for personality types

Short Video showing some of the Best Careers for INTJ’s and Jobs to Avoid

INTJ’s are ranked as one of the personality types that earn the highest income. They earn more when self-employed

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Popular and Unpopular Careers for all personality types.

We have put this list together to help you find a job, career or business that you are likely to enjoy.

While avoiding those you are likely to dislike.

Best INTJ Business / Self Employed – Online Education Options

1. Rank Websites in Google

Learn SEO and build a business ranking other people’s websites. Free 8 week course by SEO specialist who does this every day. Click Here

2. Millionaire Money Mentor – 5 min/day

For $7/ mth get the tips that a millionaire would now tell his 18-year-old self. Fast track your success. Click Here

3. Create Your Own eCommerce Empire

Create an online store/s and have a small team of people helping you.

4. Affiliate Marketing Business Training  for Tai Lopez Products

Transferable skills for any affiliate marketing. Being an Affiliate is one of the best online business for those who don’t want to talk to people, or have clients and love writing. Click Here

Best INTJ Job / Career – Online Education Options 

1. Rank Websites in Google

Learn SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and get a job ranking websites in Google and other search engines. Build other people’s businesses. 8-week course by an SEO specialist who does this every day. Click Here

2. Valuable Job Skills Certifications

Many 1 day certificates to choose from by experts in their field. Only $1 for the 1st 3 days to check it out then $7/month. A great starting point if you are not sure what you want to do. Click Here

Why INTJ’s could excel at any of these above

INTJ’s love to solve problems, and improve processes and systems. They can see possibilities that others don’t see and have innovative ideas.

INTJ’s like logical systems and an intellectual challenge. All of these courses provide that.

INTJ Career & Work-Related Books

Here are some books to further help you with your INTJ career choices.

The INTJ’s Career Handbook: How to Find a Satisfying, Challenging Career that Makes the Most of Your INTJ Strengths

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(Avg. USD $3.00-4.00)

INTJ: 21 Career Choices for an INTJ

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Personality Types Careers

Best and Worst Careers for the 16 Myers Briggs Personality Types – Free eBook


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Work Style of the INTJ: Based on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (Work Style Series)

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Maximizing Your Career Potential: Brain Style of the INTJ: For use with the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® & Striving Styles® Personality System

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