Books for ENTP

ENTP Personality Types BooksWe have compiled a list of books that are specifically written about the ENTP personality, books about careers for ENTPs and also books that ENTPs might find useful.

The ENTP personality loves to come up with innovative solutions making them great entrepreneurs. They like to improve their skills and knowledge on an ongoing basis in order to become an expert. They like to be around powerful people. They can get bored easily so need lots of challenges.

Happy learning!!


Books about the ENTP Personality

These books are useful for people who are ENTP and for those who want to understand them. You may want to be the best visionary, inventor or innovator you can or help an ENTP colleague, business partner or employee with their vision. We all have limitations that we can break free from if we know what they are. Matthew Brighthouse can help you discover the limitations that ENTPs often have. There are books on achieving an awesome life by using your gifts and strengths. There are Books written by ENTPs from their life experiences in the hope they may benefit other ENTPs.  Enjoy learning about yourself and have a great life 🙂

ENTP: Understanding & Relating with the Inventor (MBTI Personality Types Books)Buy NowENTP Personality: Expand Your Mind And Live An Innovative LifeBuy NowMaximizing Your Leadership Potential: Brain Style of the ENTP: For use with the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® & Striving Styles® Personality SystemBuy NowHow to navigate the world as an ENTP: Mastering life's challenges with confidenceBuy NowENTP: Understand And Break Free From Your Own LimitationsBuy NowMaximizing Your Employee Potential: Brain Style of the ENTP: For use with the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® & Striving Styles® Personality SystemBuy NowENTP: 33 Secrets From The Life of an ENTPBuy NowThe ENTP Plan: Invent yourself, Make Progress and Thrive as the Charming and visionary ENTPBuy NowThe True ENTP (The True Guides to the Personality Types)Buy NowENTP: Understand And Break Free From Your Own LimitationsBuy Now


ENTP Career Books and Work-Related Books

We all want a great career or business that makes us wake up every day wanting to work. The more you understand yourself and your likes and dislikes the easier it is to achieve this. Knowing that you are an ENTP is one piece of the puzzle. Often you don’t know what a job entails until you are doing it. So if you spend 4 years studying something and then actually hate that occupation it can be a big bummer. By reading about the careers you are likely to love and hate you can make better decisions for a happier life.


ENTP Notebooks/Journals

Keep track of all your awesome ideas with a journal.

ENTP Personality Type: A Journal for Charismatic Extroverts: Organize Your Thoughts and Unleash Your PotentialBuy NowThe ENTP Journal: A Personal Journey Through The PsycheBuy NowThe ENTP Heart: A Personality Themed Notebook JournalBuy NowENTP Notebook: College Ruled MBTI Personality Type Journal 6 x 9, 120 PagesBuy NowENTP Unbound: A Journal of Curiosity and CreativityBuy NowThe Story of ENTP: Journal 2022 - 2023Buy NowWill You Be My Valentine ENTP: Notebook For Valentines Day , Perfect Romantic Gift Idea For a ENTP , Journal (6x9) 120 PagesBuy NowENTP: MBTI Self Development and Personal Growth Hardback Journal: Myers Briggs Personality Type A5 Lined Hardback Journal with Personality DescriptionBuy NowENTP: Myers Briggs Personality Type Notebook, Lined Softcover 120 Pages JournalBuy NowENTP: MBTI Self Development and Personal Growth JournalBuy Now


Books Useful for the ENTP Personality

We think that as an ENTP you should really enjoy these books as well.

The Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills Workbook: Practical DBT Exercises for Learning Mindfulness, Interpersonal Effectiveness, Emotion Regulation, ... (A New Harbinger Self-Help Workbook)Buy NowRetrain Your Brain: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in 7 Weeks: A Workbook for Managing Depression and AnxietyBuy Now12 Laws of the UniverseBuy NowThis Dreamer (The Chronicles of the Marked)Buy NowEliminate Negative Thinking: How to Overcome Negativity, Control Your Thoughts, And Stop Overthinking. Shift Your Focus into Positive Thinking, Self-Acceptance, And Radical Self LoveBuy NowGifts Differing: Understanding Personality TypeBuy NowThe Psychology of Human Behavior: Fundamentals of Human Behavior, Emotions, Social Approach, and Communication Levels with Deep AnalysisBuy NowInner Child Healing Workbook: A Companion Workbook with Exercises, Meditations, and Prompts to Let Go of the Past, Overcome Trauma, and Cultivate Self-Love (The Power of Healing)Buy NowThe 16 Personality Types: Profiles, Theory, & Type DevelopmentBuy NowReframing Negative Thinking: Transform Your Perspective, Calm Your Mind, Find Peace. (Live Your Truth)Buy Now


If you have read any books that you really loved and think that other ENTPs would enjoy then please contact us and let us know which books you think an ENTP would love.

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