Books for INFP

INFP Personality Type Books PageWe have compiled a list of books that are specifically written about the INFP personality. Books to help with careers and in the workplace, Journals for INFPs who like to write and books about relationships.

The INFP personality loves to write books. So if you have written a book on anything let us know. We would love to help promote the books of our followers. We aim to have a page on our website just for books written by our INFP followers. So please let us know.

Happy learning and writing!!


Books about the INFP Personality

These books are useful for people who are INFP and for those who want to understand them. You may want to understand and master your special INFP powers. You may want to understand your nature and true self and break free from limitations. You are often known as the healer and Idealist, so many of the books refer to this.

The Comprehensive INFP Survival GuideBuy NowProductivity For INFPs: How To Be Productive Within Your Natural RhythmsBuy NowThe INFP: Understanding the DreamerBuy NowINFP: Understanding & Relating with the Healer (MBTI Personality Types)Buy NowThe INFP Book: The perks, challenges, and self-discovery of an INFPBuy NowINFP: A Flower in the Shade: Hope for the HealerBuy NowI Can't Help Being an INFP Writer: 100+ Tips to Help INFP Writers Capture Ideas, Stay Motivated, and Overcome ProblemsBuy NowINFP Undated Weekly Planner: Procrastinator Planner for Improving Productivity and Life SuccessBuy NowINFP ArtistBuy NowTHE WAY OF THE INFP: A Comprehensive Insight of the INFP Personality: Life, Creativity and Search for MeaningBuy Now


INFP Career Books and Work-related Books

We all want a great career, job or business that makes us wake up every day wanting to work. The more you understand yourself and your likes and dislikes the easier it is to achieve this. Knowing that you are an INFP is one piece of the puzzle. Often you don’t know what a job entails until you are doing it. So if you spend 4 years studying something and then actually hate that occupation it can be a big bummer. By reading about the careers you are likely to love and hate you can make better decisions for a happier life.

Maximizing Your Career Potential: Brain Style of the INFP: For use with the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® & Striving Styles® Personality SystemBuy NowINFP: 21 Career Choices for an INFPBuy NowWork Style of the INFP: Based on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (Work Style Series)Buy Now


Journals for the INFP

We know you love to write so here’s a range of special INFP journals to choose from

There are many famous books and songs written by INFPs. Your challenge is to write without the pressure of it having to be famous. Just write from your heart. It is far more likely to be famous and successful if you are not trying to write for success. Remember to let us know if you write a book. We will create a page on this website of all the books written by our INFP followers.

The INFP Journal: Values & mission guidance, self-care checklist & self-discovery prompts (MBTI Personality Types Books)Buy NowINFP Journal: With prompts to help guide you through self-growth and reflection, without feeling lost on where to start.Buy NowA Journal for the INFP Myers-Briggs Personality Type: A Notebook for Introverts: Organize your thoughts with this college-lined journalBuy NowINFP Mediator: Blank Lined Notebook | MBTI Journal | Introverted Intuitive Feeling Perceiving DiaryBuy NowESFJ Consul: INFP Mediator - Blank Lined Notebook | MBTI Journal | DiaryBuy NowThe INFP Journal: A Personal Journey Through The PsycheBuy NowIntuitions INFP JournalBuy NowThe INFP Notebook: The perfect journal for this rare MBTI personality typeBuy NowINFP: MBTI Self Development and Personal Growth JournalBuy NowEthereal Dreams: An INFP Journal of Reflection and Creativity - A Perfect Gift for Someone Special or YourselfBuy Now


INFP Relationship Books

Relationships are important for everyone. Here are some books especially for the INFP wanting better relationships or to make the good ones even more awesome.

INFP: 17 Tips for Relationship Success and HarmonyBuy NowEmbracing Harmony: Understanding INFP's Relationships with Other PersonalitiesBuy NowINFP: The Dating Bible of an INFPBuy NowINFJ & INFP: Partner on a PedestalBuy Now


If you have read any books that you really loved and think that other INFPs would enjoy then please contact us so we can add them to the list.

If you have written a book, let us know so we can create a page on our followers’ books

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