Books for INTP

INTP Personality Types booksWe hope you enjoy this list of books compiled especially for the INTP personality. It includes books about the INTP, books about the best INTP careers, Journals for writing down all your ideas and some books that INTPs might find very useful.

The INTP personality usually loves to read books and to learn new things. So a book about the INTP personality would be a perfect gift for an INTP.

Happy learning!!


Books about the INTP Personality

This set of books written about the INTP MBTI personality types are great for the INTP and anyone else who wants to understand the INTP. Searching for your self, breaking free from limitations, using your strengths and gifts and discovering your potential are just some of the exciting things you can read about. Do you have an INTP employee that you want to nurture? Or maybe you want your boss to understand you. INTPs are one of the rarer types which brings its own challenges. Discovering your gifts and strengths can open up a world of possibilities that you never realized before and create a much more fulfilling life.
Enjoy learning about yourself and have a fantastic life 🙂

The INTP Quest: INTPs' Search for Their Core Self, Purpose, & PhilosophyBuy NowThe Productive INTPBuy NowINTP: Understanding & Relating with the Logician (MBTI Personality Types Books)Buy NowINTP Utilize your Strengths, Solve Life?s Problems and Thrive as the Genius Thin: The Complete Guide To The INTP Personality TypeBuy NowINTP: Understand And Break Free From Your Own LimitationsBuy NowHow to navigate the world as an INTP: Strategies for self-improvementBuy Now7 short stories that INTP will love (7 short stories for your Myers-Briggs type Book 12)Buy NowINTP: 33 Secrets From The Life of an INTPBuy NowMaximizing Your Employee Potential: Brain Style of the INTP: For use with the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® & Striving Styles® Personality SystemBuy NowThe True INTP (The True Guides to the Personality Types)Buy Now


INTP Careers Books

The dream is to love your work so much that you wake up itching to get started. The more you understand yourself and your particular likes and dislikes the more likely you are to achieve this. When you know that you are an INTP the world can literally change overnight. You finally realize you are not alone and with the right career for you, incredible work joy can be achieved. Now if you are in a field of work that an INTP does not enjoy it might be a bitter pill. You may even need to go backward before you go forward. But believe me when I say it is worth it.
If you have not started work yet it’s a great opportunity to assess what you were thinking of doing and maybe make a choice that is better for you. By reading about the careers you are likely to love and hate you can make better decisions for a happier life.

INTP: 21 Career Choices for an INTPBuy NowMaximizing Your Career Potential: Brain Style of the INTP: For use with the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® & Striving Styles® Personality SystemBuy NowCareer Interviews for ISFP, ISFJ, ESFJ, ESTJ, INFJ, INTJ, INTP and ENTP TypesBuy NowWork Style of the INTP: Based on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (Work Style Series)Buy Now


INTP Notebooks and Journals

INTPs have lots of ideas all the time and never enough time to implement them all. By having an ideas journal you can keep track of them all in one place and come back to it to check out the ideas you had in the past that might now be something you can implement. INTPs can find relationships difficult and so we also have a dating book that you might find useful.

The INTP Journal: Values & mission guidance and self-care & self-discovery prompts for the INTP personality type (MBTI Personality Types Books)Buy NowINTP: What I Think, What I Say: INTP Gifts - MBTI Lined Notebook Journal Featuring a Black ChalkboardBuy NowThe INTP Journal: A Personal Journey Through The PsycheBuy NowThe Vintage INTP: A Personality Gift Themed Notebook JournalBuy NowINTP Illuminations: A Personalized Journal for Creative MindsBuy NowINTP Personality Type: A Journal for Introverts with Analytical Minds to Explore, Create, and Excel: Organize Your Thoughts and Unleash Your PotentialBuy NowI'm INTP Doing INTP Things: Personalized MBTI Journal for INTP,Perfect Gift Idea For INTP, Lined NotebookBuy NowI'm INTP Doing INTP Things: Personalized MBTI Journal for INTP,Perfect Gift Idea For INTP, Lined NotebookBuy NowThe Story of INTP: Journal 2022 - 2023Buy NowDeep Thoughts from the Brilliant Mind of an INTP: A blank, lined journal with brief facts about your INTP personalityBuy Now


Books Useful for the INTP Personality

As an INTP you might enjoy the following books. They are not written about the INTP personality. They are books that the INTP could find particularly useful.

Adult Children of Emotionally Immature Parents: How to Heal from Distant, Rejecting, or Self-Involved ParentsBuy NowMan's Search for MeaningBuy NowSurrounded by Idiots (The Surrounded by Idiots Series)Buy NowRetrain Your Brain: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in 7 Weeks: A Workbook for Managing Depression and AnxietyBuy NowBetter Small Talk: Talk to Anyone, Avoid Awkwardness, Generate Deep Conversations, and Make Real Friends (How to be More Likable and Charismatic)Buy NowDark Psychology and Manipulation: Dark Psychology and Manipulation: Discover 40 Covert Emotional Manipulation Techniques, Mind Control & Brainwashing. ... Body Language Human Behavior, Gaslight)Buy NowYour Brain's Not Broken: Strategies for Navigating Your Emotions and Life with ADHDBuy NowDesigning the Mind: The Principles of PsychitectureBuy NowHow to Talk to Anybody: Learn the Secrets to Small Talk, Business, Management, Sales & Social Conversations & How to Make Real Friends (Communication Skills)Buy Now1001 One-Liners and Short Jokes: The Ultimate Collection Of The Funniest, Laugh-Out-Loud Rib-Ticklers (1001 Jokes and Puns)Buy Now


If you have read any books that you really loved and think that other INTPs would enjoy then please contact us and let us know which books you think an INTP would love.

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