HI, I’m Georgie Hope,

Hope by name and Hope by nature!

This project originally started back in 2016 as a YouTube channel for entertainment.
But I always hoped it would transition into something that could actually help people.

In 2019 I started work on this website in the hope of making it a useful resource for people of every Myers Briggs personality type. It may in the future have other kinds of personality types but I started with Myers Briggs as this one seems to be more suited to helping people find the right work.

So I want everyone to have a better life by having a career, job or business they love.


Well, work is where we spend most of our life and it can be a very painful existence when you are doing the wrong type of work and so joyful when you love your work.

I spent many years in jobs that were not right for my personality. But I didn’t know about personality types and I didn’t know I could have work that I would totally love. If I had been able to do the Myers-Briggs personality type test 20 years ago I could’ve found what I love to do much earlier and avoided years of pain.

If you have work that you love that’s awesome! You were lucky or just understood yourself more than I did.

About 3 years ago I found out that I am an INTP. By that stage, I had an SEO business that I loved. But knowing that I am an INTP helped me to understand why I loved what I was doing. INTP and INTJ are fascinated by personality types, so that also lead me to the creation of this Personality Types XYZ YouTube channel and more recently the website.

However, it was a long journey to get here. I actually started out as a Dietitian which apparently is one of the careers that my personality type is least suited to. I enjoyed knowing about food and nutrition and I enjoyed teaching people. But I can now see that it involved to much in-person contact for this introvert. I left because I felt totally burnt out.

I then tried being a rep for a nutrition company and it was ok. But I didn’t actually do the job in the way the company wanted me to. 🙂 I actually did really well, but that was because I discovered other ways to market the products that involved very little talking to people. The company was very set in their ways about how things needed to be done. So they were not open to hearing what I was doing that was working better than their system. So it became frustrating.

I then decided to try mortgage broking as I had an interest in property and doing numbers. But I started the month before the financial crisis hit Australia in 2009. Leads dropped 90% overnight. So my job actually turned into a marketing role. I had to try and discover how to get leads. This is when I 1st discovered SEO. Anyway, the mortgage market got really bad and they had to let me go.

So then I was unemployed for 6 months with 4 houses mortgaged to the hilt and rent that did not cover them. I spent more time applying for jobs then I would have spent working. Without any luck. I had $6000 of expenses a month and no income. It was horrible to say the least. If not for my parents I would have gone bankrupt. I sold 3 properties for less than what I bought them for and managed to hold onto 1 that I rented out. I house sat people’s animals for free accommodation and sold most of everything I owned.

Then finally someone gave me a chance. I had been doing an online marketing course and this company wanted someone to help with their SEO so they gave me work. From there I moved on to have my own SEO business which I have been running since 2011. I love it and it turns out the two inventors of Google are INTPs so I suppose I just get it. SEO makes sense to me.

So why am I telling you all of this?

Well because I understand that it can be very difficult to transition away from all your current experience to something totally different that actually suits your personality. Giving up a job and trying to start a business with no income or losing a job and trying to start a business is a crazy awful way to do it. We are not all able to start a business in our parent’s garage when we are 18.

If I was able to do it over I would have kept my repping job and studied an online SEO and marketing course on the side. These were not readily available back in 2009 but they are now. That way I could have slowly transitioned over a few years. Cut back my hours as a rep or got a part-time rep job and built my business on the side.

I have done so many training courses over the years and some I have implemented and some I haven’t.


Some of these courses did not suit my personality. But I did not know that.

For example, I did a 2-day in-person course on PR with the aim of using it to help my clients SEO. However, I would have needed to write creative entertaining articles and then follow up journalists by calling them. So if I had to do this every day I would hate my life.
Going to that course really taught me that I needed to get someone else to do it. :-).
If I had known I was an INTP I would not have done the course in the 1st place and saved $2000 and a weekend of my life.

On the other hand, I love learning about SEO through reading online articles and being coached by experts via online training and I am happy to implement everything.

So for those of you, who have read this far and want to do something else with your work life, I want to help support that!

If you have done a training course that you thought was great and implemented or one you felt was a waste of time let me know!

That way I can support other people of your type.

I am asking my community for help so that I can maybe help people avoid what I went through and love their life much faster.

With this kind of information, I can make sure you don’t waste time and money doing something you will never implement.

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If you don’t already have a job, career or business that you love, it awaits you 🙂

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