What is an INTJ Personality

What is the INTJ personality type?

The MBTI personality test is a questionnaire designed to provide a sort of personality profile. It was created by Katharine Cook Briggs in conjunction with her daughter Isabel Briggs Meyers to describe the personalities of people based on four different traits: extroversion, introversion, sensing and intuition. These traits are dichotomous in nature, meaning that a person exhibits one trait or the other, but not both.

The test was later revised by Isabel to add a fifth dichotomous trait, thinking, which is the opposite of the trait called feeling.

Today, this test is one of the best-known personality tests in the world.

How is the INTJ personality type of INTJ described?

The INTJ personality type is labeled “The Mastermind” of the Myers-Briggs type Indicator. They are one of sixteen possible personality types, of which there are four “preferred” personalities, which are the ones that most people will feel most comfortable with. INTJ falls into the category of thinker personalities. As described by Isabel Myers,

INTJ’s are characterized as follows:

Driven by ideas, rather than actions

Possess an almost visionary imagination

Love of complex systems, ideas, and possibilities

Desire to understand underlying meanings and concepts; to examine methods of reasoning; seeking depth

Balance decisions based on logic, not on feelings

Loyal to their values; tenaciously follow their chosen paths

Privately self-confident, even if their abilities are not recognized

“They are the scientists, the researchers, the philosophers of the MBTI”, according to Michael Pierce.

INTJ’s usually prefer to work on one project for longer periods of time, rather than doing multi-tasking on several projects at once. Often this type of person will spend only a small fraction of their time on the details of the actual project, but will instead spend most of their time on the planning of it.

INTJ’s are known for being exceptionally analytical, curious, independent, intellectual, introverted, motivated, perfectionist, reserved, thoughtful, serious, singularly focused, and strong willed.

INTJ Personality Traits as suggested by AI software. Do you agree with these?

  1. INTJs are often perfectionists
  2. They have a tendency to be critical of themselves and others
  3. INTJs are introverted thinkers who enjoy spending time alone or with a few close friends
  4. They tend to be analytical, logical thinkers
  5. INTJs usually have trouble expressing their feelings verbally but can do so through writing or art
  6. In an argument, they will try to find the most rational solution rather than being emotional about it
  7. INTJs have a strong need for personal space
  8. INTJs can be stubborn when they’re right about something
  9. INTJs don’t like to talk about feelings or emotions often
  10. INTJs enjoy being in charge of their own projects and tasks

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