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ESTP Personality Type Explained (MBTI) – Portrait, Traits

The ESTP personality type is also known as the doer entrepreneur or dynamo.


The E stands for extroverted, S stands for sensing, T stands for thinking and P is for perceiving.

E – Being extroverted refers to how you get your energy, you tend to get your energy from being around others and you’d prefer to focus on the outer world.

S – Sensing refers to how you take in information, you’re more interested in facts and details and you prefer to focus on the basic information.

T – Thinking style refers to how you make decisions, you tend to prioritize logic reason and passions and you make decisions also based on logic.

P- Perceiving refers to how you approach the outside world you prefer to keep your options open and you enjoy flexibility and being spontaneous.

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The ESTP personality is flexible and tolerant they take a pragmatic approach focused on immediate results, theories and conceptual explanations bore them. They want to act energetically to solve the problem. The ESTP personality focuses on their here and now, they’re spontaneous, they enjoy each moment and they like to be active with others. They enjoy material concepts and style and they learn best through doing. The ESTP personality is adaptable, flexible and accepting unless a value is threatened.

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