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ESTJ Personality Type Explained (MBTI) – Portrait, Traits

The ESTJ personality is also known as the Guardians the executive or the supervisor.


The ESTJ personality is extroverted, sensing, thinking and judging.

E – Being extroverted means that you get your energy from being around others and you also prefer to focus on the outer world.

S – Being sensing refers to how you take in information, you’re more interested in facts and details and prefer to focus on the basic information.

T – Thinking refers to how you make decisions. You tend to prioritize logic reason and passions and you make decisions based on logic.

J – Judging style refers to how you approach the outside world you tend to prefer structure and order and you enjoy knowing what to expect.

The ESTJ personality tends to be practical realistic and matter-of-fact you are decisive and quickly move to implement decisions. The ESTJ personality organizes projects and people to get things done. They focus on getting results in the most efficient way possible and they also like to take care of the routine details. The ESTJ personality has a clear set of logical standards that they systematically follow and hope that others will do so. Also, they can be very forceful in implementing their plans.

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