ENTP Personality Type Careers & Jobs

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About the ENTP personality at work

ENTP stands for:

  1. Extroverted
  2. Intuitive
  3. Thinking
  4. Perceiving

Apply innovative solutions to challenging problems to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of systems.

Entrepreneurial approach to their work.

Value power and want a career that allows them contact with powerful people.

Prize competency and often want to be the expert.

Ideas people who solve problems creatively.

Bored when required to repeat a task or attend to details.

Intellectually challenging non-rigid with creative and intelligent coworkers.

Creates innovative ideas, while delegating responsibility for detailed tasks.

Some of the Best Careers for the ENTP

  1. Reporter
  2. Copywriter
  3. Art Director
  4. Producer
  5. Journalist
  6. Aerospace Engineer
  7. Drafter
  8. Geologist
  9. Detective
  10. Criminalist

Some ENTP Careers to Avoid

  1. Family Physician
  2. Dentist
  3. Nurse’s Aide
  4. Optometrist
  5. Medical Assitant
  6. Factory Supervisor
  7. Receptionist
  8. Bank Teller
  9. Machinist
  10. Airline Pilot

Source: Truity

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