ENFP Personality Type Careers & Jobs

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About the ENFP personality at work

ENFP stands for:

  1. Extroverted
  2. Intuitive
  3. Feeling
  4. Perceiving

Enjoy taking on people-centered and creative problems that call for an original and imaginative solution.

Motivated by their opinion on altruistic causes.

Particularly attentive in helping other people grow as individuals.

Prefer an occupation with a variety of tasks and challenges, dislike routine work.

Seek out novel, fun tasks that allow them to relate to other people and be imaginative.

The ideal work environment is friendly and relaxed with very few restrictions on creativity.

Like to establish solutions that benefit people in original and innovative ways.

Some of the Best Careers for the ENFP

  1. Art Director
  2. Craft or Fine Artist
  3. Fashion Designer
  4. Announcer
  5. Editor
  6. Interpreter
  7. Animal Trainer
  8. Barber
  9. Bartender
  10. Waiter
  11. Buyer
  12. Social Worker

Some ENFP Careers to Avoid

  1. Police Officer
  2. Farmer
  3. Dentist
  4. Pathologist
  5. Chemist

Source: Truity

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