ENFJ Personality Type Careers & Jobs

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About the ENFJ personality at work

ENFJ stands for:

  1. Extroverted
  2. Intuitive
  3. Feeling
  4. Judging

Forward-thinking and people-centered with a clear humanitarian mission and an emphasis on constructive action.

Like to improve the circumstances and well-being of others.

Motivated to organize others to implement positive change.

Enthusiastic problem-solvers with strong intuition.

Strive for cooperation and works best in a harmonious environment.

Often take on a mentor role.

Attracted to leadership roles, they naturally organize people.

Appreciate teamwork and want to have the resources to put their ideas into action.

Some of the Best Careers for the ENFJ

  1. Social Worker
  2. Editor
  3. Interpreter
  4. Lodging
  5. Manager
  6. Flight Attendant
  7. Actor
  8. Producer
  9. Cosmetologist
  10. Child Care
  11. Legal Mediator
  12. Lawyer

Some ENFJ Careers to Avoid

  1. Carpenter
  2. Electrician
  3. Mechanic
  4. Factory
  5. Supervisor
  6. Auditor
  7. Pathologist
  8. Military
  9. Programmer
  10. Technician

Source: Truity

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